Jan Garbett Announces Run for Utah's Second Congressional District

SALT LAKE CITY, UT - Today at 11:30 am on the steps of the Utah State Capitol, Jan Garbett announced that she was running for Congress to represent Utah’s Second Congressional District. Citing the broken nature of the two-party system, Garbett positioned herself as a problem solver who will be able to represent her constituents, not the national parties.

“The political process is well intentioned, but it is not a problem-solving process,” Garbett said. “It has become a pendulum swinging us back and forth. To settle this, we need to be involved in the process.”

Garbett herself has been involved in the process for many years, both as a community activist and working with her husband, former Republican state legislator Bryson Garbett, in managing Garbett Homes, their successful home development business.

Jan was a registered Republican when her husband served as a GOP representative in the Utah House, and she previously ran for Lieutenant Governor as a Democrat in 2016. Now she is running as a candidate for the recently-formed United Utah Party, which she called the “new kid on the block.”

“It is a new party, but not a new concept,” Garbett said. “Its name is what it’s about—uniting.”

Citing the UUP’s “concise and uncomplicated platform,” Jan promised to bring people together and “run with the best ideas from Republicans, Democrats, and Independents.”

Taylor Rippy Monson