Davis County Voters Build Common Ground


Patterns are starting to emerge as Jan Garbett continues to hold BreakFree Meetups for her congressional campaign in Utah's District 2. At the recent Meetup on Wednesday, May 30 at the Farmington Crossing Clubhouse, attendees shared thoughts that mirror what others who have previously participated in Meetups have said.

"I thought I was just coming to hear Jan [talk to us] but we got to work together as a group to talk about issues together."

"There were a lot of things done that inspired collaboration and not divisiveness. We were on common ground."

"We have a lot more in common than we think."

As with other Meetups held so far in Washington County and Sanpete, Sevier and Piute Counties, attendees at the Davis County Meetup ranged in age from young adults to senior citizens. Attendees expressed the hope that more people would want to take advantage of these opportunities to connect with Jan and with other citizens to talk about important issues that matter to them in what one attendee called a "safe place."

Jan's intent with these Meetups is not to come quickly to solutions, but to give people the opportunity to have their voice be part of the political process and to experience truly civil civic conversation with others. "Politics currently divide people," Jan says. "I believe it will take our congressional representatives and citizens working with each other rather than against each other to uncover the solutions we so intently desire. At these Meetups, I want people to experience something different than the usual politics. Different is what my campaign is all about." 

Jan looks forward to continuing opportunities to connect with citizens about issues that matter to them. Click here to register for an upcoming Meetup, or to request a Meetup in your town.

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Taylor Rippy Monson