Sanpete, Sevier and Piute Voters "Do Different" in Manti

On May 24, 2018, the Jan Garbett for Congress campaign hosted a BreakFree Meetup for Sanpete, Piute, and Sevier Counties at Manti High School. Attendees ranged in age from high school and college students to senior citizens.

Jan's Meetups are deliberately designed to be interactive events where constituents can share their concerns with each other and with Jan. Attendees at this Meetup shared a wide variety of issues that are on their minds, and they also explored the complexities of issues like budget concerns and education.

This is what some of the participants had to say about this Meetup.

One high school student said, "I like how she cared about our problems....I'm going to tell some of my family about this." Other attendees said, "We actually talked without throwing punches" and "We learned how to give space for all to participate."

Jan's intent with these Meetups is not to come quickly to solutions, but to give people the opportunity to have their voice be part of the political process, and to experience listening to others. As one Manti Meetup attendee noted, there are "roadblocks between problems and solutions." Jan believes that one way to break down those barriers is for both leaders and citizens to be better at listening and creating space for more innovation and idea-sharing. 

"Politics currently divide people," Jan says. "I believe it will take our congressional representatives and citizens working with each other rather than against each other to uncover the solutions we so intently desire. At these Meetups, I want people to experience something different than the usual politics. Different is what my campaign is all about." 

That different approach is appealing to citizens. One college student said, "What Jan is trying to do is not just posture or anything like that. She is truly trying to listen and formulate her positions based off of her constituents' points of view, which is not only respectable, but also votable."

Jan looks forward to continuing opportunities to connect with citizens about issues that matter to them. Click here to register for an upcoming Meetup, or to request a Meetup in your town.

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Taylor Rippy Monson