Holding Politicians Accountable


Jan delivered the following speech at the Davis County Caucus Night at Knowlton Elementary School on March 20, 2018.

I had to listen to the radio this morning in New York City as I rode my shuttle to the airport. I would have preferred silence to work on this introduction, but instead I was distracted and discovered that prenuptial agreements are all the rage in Hollywood. Fines of $50 to $500,000 are being negotiated for instances of drug abuse, cheating on a spouse—and for one woman, any pound she gains over the 135 lb. set point they've established. The clincher for one woman was a five million dollar payment for each child she had, as well as a one million dollar payment for each year they stayed married.

My friend Maren puts it this way—"Hollywood has always been on the cutting edge of social failure." This morning I couldn't help but wonder if a pre-election agreement could take us from social failure to social success. 

What if politicians who abused the system, who displaced loyalty by putting party over people or began acquiring excess baggage were fined? What if fines were redirected to decrease the deficit? What if birthing legislation was a process that requiring combined participation that created infant-sized ideas, thoughtfully equipped with the necessary components to mature into functioning adult-sized ideas, in turn saving millions? Think of our recent tax reform which necessitates hiring professionals who themselves struggle to understand and interpret and the so-called "simplified" legislation—it's like we gave birth to a complicated geriatric specimen rather than to new life. 

You are probably here tonight for the same reason I’m here—to claim your right as a citizen in being represented while simultaneously acknowledging a duty to the democratic process. I’m here to invite you to make (not a prenuptial agreement) but a pre-election agreement!

Taylor Rippy Monson