Upcoming Meetups

Jan Garbett cares about what you want for your state. Meetups are opportunities to make your voice heard by interacting with Jan and your neighbors in an intimate setting. Bring ideas, ask questions, and join Jan to help build a healthier, cleaner, stronger, safer Utah for generations to come.

View a list of upcoming meetups below, and be sure to check in frequently or follow Jan on social media for updates and announcements.

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Beaver, Millard Counties Meetup

Thursday, July 19th | 7:00 pm
RJ Law Community Center
75 W Main St, Delta, UT 84624

Tooele, Juab Counties Meetup

Wednesday, August 1st | 7:00 pm
Tooele Valley Wellness and Community Center
200 South 140 East, Tooele, Utah 84074